necropsy & sampling procedures for ocular pathology

treat the ocular globe in necropsy as it was still alive

1 necropsy

At necropsy, give priority to sample the eyes aSAP in order to prevent autolysis of the retina. Remove carefully the full globe with smooth Traction and dissection. Trim whatever tissues you are interested in from the specimen PRIOR to fixation, unless you are sending tissues for which you want us to assess margins. if you suspect a mass, ulcer or other lesions, please include the location in your gross description. In-Vivo and post mortem pictures are always appreciated. PLEASE DO NOT INCISE THE GLOBE

2 fixation

Place the globe in fixatif ASAP. the specimen should ideally be fixed in greater than or equal to 10 times the specimen’s volume worth of formalin (overnight), then it can be placed in a smaller amount of formalin for shipping. another possibility is to Moisten a few cotton balles or gauze in formalin and place them in the container around the eye to keep it moistened during shipping. When shipping during the winter months, isopropyl alcohol should be added to the formalin in a 1:10 ratio to prevent freezing artifacts

3 orientation & label

we encourage you to strategically place sutures to orient the specimen or to identify important lesions. Otherwise drawings and/or Macroscopic descriptions are Useful incl. the experimental protocol if Feasible.

place the specimen in a liquid-tight lABELLED container and then in at least one zip-lock plastic bag. The container should be wide mouthed. Small specimens should be placed in a mesh cassette before being put inside the container. Please place the submission from outside the first plastic bag to protect it from leakage.


Necropsy Tips & Tricks

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