Tissue cross reactivity studies

The Objective of TCR studies is to Characterise the Potential cross-reactivity of a large molecule (Biotherapeutic-derived Pharmaceutical)using a panel of human tissues and/or Blood samples. the tested molecule often binds With high affinity to a specific antigen thereby neutralising its interaction.



Many biotechnology-derived pharmaceuticals intended for human use are immunogenic to animals. therefore, measurement of antibodies associated With Administration of these types of products should be performed when conducting repeat dose toxicity studies in order to aid in the interpretation of the studies. attention should be paid to the evaluation of possible pathological changes related to immune complex formation and deposition.


Immuno Histo-Chemistry

Lung Tissue: IHC Control Positivity versus negative

Lung Tissue: IHC Control Positivity versus negative


2018, Nobel Prize Medicine & Physiology

James P. Allison and Tasuku Honjo

Cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation