general toxicology

Identification of Target Organs in order to Support Risk Assessments

Customised Toxicology Programs

Flanderstoxpath-consulting support customers from the Proof of Concept experimental designs (POC) till the Long term Toxicity studies eg. carcinogenicity experiments in rodents.

  • We guide our Customers through their milestones of small till large Toxicology programs

  • we advice about key decisions, and help them avoiding the common but also rare pitfalls

    • what type of studies to run

    • when to run

    • how to perform

Because each compound is different, we Customise each of our offers in function of your Objectives.

  • We know how to Implement changes

  • We offer flexibility, trust and responsiveness.

  • we respect regulatory compliance With GLP’s, OECD Guidance and ICH Guidelines

  • we apply GDPR



How Can we Support You

FlandersToxPath-Consulting manage your outsourcing process using world-wide gold standard references CRO’s in which I have build my Career till today and still have personal contacts

  • We advice you about the CRO selection in function of your personal & technical needs

  • We connect you with the respective Boards in order to provide you a reliable prompt communication

  • we revise quotation, protocol, amendement, reporting, iND packages

  • we react promptly to Unforeseen adversities and advise Successful strategies

  • we stay in contact during the whole duration of your study

  • We monitor on site for you or together with you

  • we communicate & we travel upon demand

  • we act as your liaison with CRO’s: streamline deliveries, Standardise results & reporting

explaining you all steps of the process from Administration till necropsy and Microscopic evaluations and reporting



We can Support You

  • all species: mouse, rat, rabbit, dog, minipig & non-human primate

  • genetically modified species

  • Customise designs, protocols, studies & Toxicology programs

  • non-GLP proof of concept, dose range finding, local tolerance

  • gLP acute, subacute and Chronic studies

  • 2-week toxicology studies

  • 4-week toxicology studies

  • 3-months, 6-months, 9-months and 2-years toxicology studies

  • tissue cross reactivity studies as needed


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