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American College of Toxicological Pathologists



American Board-certified Toxicology Consultant

  • Designs & interprets nonclinical safety and efficacy studies

  • Solicits bids to evaluate and select contract research organizations

  • Manages and monitors preclinical and nonclinical safety and efficacy studies

  • conducts gLP audits of preclinical and nonclinical studies

  • serves on project teams, expert panels, scientific advisory boards,

  • assists in new product development and existing product defense

  • reviews & writes expert reports, white papers, study reports, product labels, safety data sheets, Investigators brochures, etc…

  • acts as a liaison between sponsors and global regulatory authorities (FDA, EMA, EPA, Health Canada, Japanese authorities

  • educates companies, investors, boards of directors and the public on nonclinical findings, issues and regulation

  • provides gap analysis and Addresses needs assessments for existing programs

  • renders subject matter expertise during due diligence activities

  • assists financial forms in evaluation of specific data, companies or industries

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