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Prof.Dr, Diplomate ACVS & ECVS, University of utrecht

Elizabeth excelled as a pathologist and I had the pleasure to work together on a couple of research projects. She is easy going, hard working and dedicated to excel in whatever she does. She is intelligent and asked the rights questions whenever things were not clear. I followed her in her Career and she is able to show flexibility and work under pressure in order to deliver in time all her milestones.

Scientific director in charles river preclinical services

Elizabeth has been my collaborative pathologist for more than 5 years. She was actively involved With gross and microscopic examinations of a full spectrum of laboratory Animals. her daily work was extremely reliable, efficient and accurate always Achieving the stipulated goals as well those she set personally. I have been consistently supported as well With well-written comprehensive pathology reports as with informal discussions in order to interpret potential toxicities within a scientific manner.

Charles River preclinical Services, Montreal, Canada

Charles River preclinical Services, Montreal, Canada


Human Ressources, Baxter BioSciences, Vienna, Austria

she demonstrated during her peer-reviews with Baxter in Vienna advanced knowledge in toxicological pathology including as well histopathological evaluations, interpretation of preclinical results… Since her direct managers, colleagues and in additional to myself consider her work in the highest esteem I Sincerely Recommend Elizabeth as a strong candidate to sit for the DABT-examination…