starting a toxpath carreer in europe

It all started in a little spot somewhere …… in flanders field in belgium

My career in toxicological pathology started somewhere in Belgium in 1971. Born in Aalst and raised in a bilingual family I was Taught discipline and hard working.

Following 6 years of studying latin I started an academic Career in Veterinary medicine in the french part of belgium although raised in flanders. Still remember the complexity of being a Flemish scientist at a french speaking university.

I Passed in 1997 with cum laude !

decided to continu with a residence in internal medicine and pathology at the university of utrecht. Will never forget the kindness and professionalism of the Dutch people. I am Thankfully to them as they were the second milestone in my career.

In 2004, I became a Dr. Toxicological pathologist. Ready to explore the world with my basic knowledge in Pathology.

I traveled A lot through europe, but my Favourite was Definitively Vienna in Austria where I accepted a role of principal pathologist with Baxter Biosciences.

I visited Rome, Paris, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Luxembourg, Warschau, Prague, Sweden, Portugal, Balearen, Zwitserland, Berlin.

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