GDPR Cloud security is our Quality assurance for you.

General Data protection regulation states that business must handle personal data securely, transparently, and in a lawful manner throughout the entire data processing lifecycle.

The GDPR has a broad territorial scope. the regulation applies not only to all organizations established in the eU that process data, buy also to any non-eU established organizations that process personal data of individuals who Are in the EU in order to offer them goods and services or monitor their behavior within the EU

As CEO and CSO I am Your the data controller, as I have access to the data and can determine the purpose, condition and means of the processing of personal data.

the GDPR requires companies to implement reasonable data protection measures to protect these data against loss or exposure. therefore, the gDPR summarizes the most important principles regarding the management of personal data: transparency, limited purpose, data minimization, accurracy, storage limitation and Confidentiality & integrity.

In orde to meet for GDPR compliance, the cloud storage should meet 5 key requirements: encryption, data security & control, transparency, legal Guarantees for data protection, and overall Guarantees. Therefore, FlandersToxPath-consulting has Chosen TRESORIT, a secure encrypted Cloud in Zwisterland with high performance and confidentiality.

All your documents will be securely saved and you will receive a personal password to access your documents in a secure manner. the parameters of access will be defined by the user, by YOU for YOU


Tresorit: Your GDPR